Hi! My name is Phoebe. Thanks for stopping by.

Running at the Speed of Life is for people like me—baby boomers who are reinventing themselves later in life.

This blog is here to help you discover your niche, or maybe just find more meaningful work, after 50. I share stories about my own journey as well as provide what I hope are helpful tips and useful tidbits relevant to more, um, mature workers. Are you with me?

I’m a tail-end baby boomer who went back to school in my 30s and started a new career path that aligned with my passions. After two decades of bouncing from one job to another, I decided to grow up and get a career. Today, I wake up excited about going to work—even on Mondays!

I’d like to help you do the same.

I welcome feedback about what types of content / information YOU would like to see on this blog. I’m a journalist by training and love to do research to get at the heart of the story. Please let me know about some of your challenges and I will do my best to respond.

Thank you again for checking out my blog. I hope it helps you along your journey as I share with you parts of mine.


When I’m not at my desk, I spend a lot of time with my crazy puppy, Casey. At this moment, he is contentedly destroying the latest squeaky toy I got him. Better that than my comforter. I can’t wait until he gets out of his chewing phase.


2 Responses to About

  1. Gwen Orwiler says:

    Phoebe: Hi there! I’m getting such good energy from your picture and your site that I was compelled to come say HI! I’d love to learn more about you and what you’re up to! I’m a Life Coach for boomer women seeking their ENCORE Career path based in WA state, but work with women all over the place, and it seems we may have some things in common. Please keep me in the loop when you update this page! Till we connect again, take care and make today a wonderful day!! Gwen


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