You Know You’re a Baby Boomer If…

  • you remember when you actually had to DIAL a telephone.
  • you remember having to get up and walk across the room if you wanted to change the channel on the TV.
  • you watched film strips in grade school during which the teacher is prompted to advance the slide by a “ding” sound.
    The Kenner Close ‘n Play phonograph played 45 rpm records and was all the rage in the ’50s and ’60s.
  • you had a Close ‘n Play.
  • you’ve seen every episode of The Brady Bunch (from 9/1969 to 3/1974) at least two times.
  • you participated in “duck and cover” drills in grade school in case of a nuclear attack.
  • you know what thisimage of 45 RPM adapter is used for.
  • you recited “The Pledge of Allegiance” at least once a week.
  • your baby teeth were worth somewhere between a nickel and a quarter.
  • your favorite songs were on “45s” and the “B” side always sucked.
  • the family car didn’t have safety belts–at least not in the back seat and DEFINITELY not in the “way back” seat (station wagons).
  • you thought the transistor radio was a really big deal.
  • cigarettes were still cool when you were a kid…and you remember when they were advertised on TV.
  • you were not a Boston Celtics fan, you knew you were pretty much SOL.
  • you loved “Laugh-In“–even if you were too young to get the jokes.

About Phoebe King Copywriting Pro

Phoebe is a Chicago-area B2B writer, specializing in white papers, case studies and email marketing. She has worked in publishing and communications for more than 15 years in the following industries: Health Care, Information Technology, Nonprofits, Real Estate, Trade Associations. When not on her laptop, Phoebe can be found gardening, walking her dog or hanging out with friends at her favorite Thai restaurant.
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