So, I launched a new Twitter page to go along with this blog. The following exchange with one of my new peeps is so precious I just had to share it here:

@mochadad: On this Father’s Day Eve, I have hung my socks on the fireplace mantle.

@pushingfifty: That’s so cute! What if you wake up tomorrow and find them filled with coal? 😉 Happy Father’s Day!

@mochadad: Then I will place it on my BBQ pit and cook some steaks.

@pushingfifty: Awesome comeback! Talk about POSITIVITY! You’ve got it made! I hope you have a blessed, pampered day with your family. 🙂


This is why I LOVE Twitter! I have connected online with some of the most amazing people I’ve never met! If you haven’t dabbled in social networking, I highly recommend it.

Besides, the online baby-boomer legions are growing. According to a report on, more than 25 percent of people 50 years and older in the United States are connecting on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace! Considering that there are more than 78 million of us (and that number may be even higher once the 2010 census is tabulated), 25 percent is pretty significant.

The end of the article states that only 1 percent of this age group follows blogs, however. We’ll just have to work on that. 😉

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads and granddads! And remember, if you find coal in your socks, use it to grill some steaks! LOL!


About Phoebe King Copywriting Pro

Phoebe is a Chicago-area B2B writer, specializing in white papers, case studies and email marketing. She has worked in publishing and communications for more than 15 years in the following industries: Health Care, Information Technology, Nonprofits, Real Estate, Trade Associations. When not on her laptop, Phoebe can be found gardening, walking her dog or hanging out with friends at her favorite Thai restaurant.
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